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Romeo Computer Company is a web design, e-marketing, and IT company in Romeo, Michigan. Romeo Computer Company focuses on building your business’s website and social footprint using organic SEO (search engine optimization), social marketing and other eMarketing strategies. Romeo Computer Company has an innovative web-design, eMarketing and graphics team that will work together to develop a revenue generating and cost-efficient eMarketing plan. We guarantee to get your business on the first page of search engines.

Romeo Computer Company also handles your IT needs so you can focus on your business. Don’t worry about losing time and money when a server goes down because we monitor and fix those problems BEFORE they happen. We allocate a sales consultant and account manager to your project to ensure total satisfaction and immediate feedback.

Romeo Computer Company is here for all of your computer needs. If you need a computer repaired, we will fix it! If you need a website for your business, we will build and host it! We are here to help your business run smoothly, while growing and maintaining your online image and lead generation.
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1/6/2014 - RCC Joins Automation Alley
Romeo Computer Company is excited to announce we have joined Automation Alley, the Southeast Michigan technology business association, incubator and accelerator.

12/17/2013 - Cloud With Confidence!
We understand the requirements of today’s connected organizations. Our robust yet simple cloud backup services give businesses a simple answer for disaster recovery and mitigation. Just as necessary, we offers these solutions at an accessible and reasonable price point.

10/15/2013 - Romeo Computer Company places 2nd at Annual Chili-Cook Off
Romeo Computer Company was in full force this last weekend at the Second Annual Chili-Cook Off & Beer Tasting Fest Held in Romeo. With many of the team in attendance, our chili came in second place. The event was held by the Romeo Chamber of Commerce, an integral partner in the community, providing a variety of programs and networking opportunities to businesses in the area.

10/9/2013 - Romeo Computer Company Now Offering Cloud Backup Solutions
At Romeo Computer Company, we are always taking great measures to stay on the forefront of the technological industry and find ways to evolve our services for your business. And so that’s why we are now offering the latest in secure cloud solutions for the increasingly large amounts of data that businesses have to work with in the 21st century. It’s our job to assess your business’s technology environment and from there, implement a successful and specific solution tailored for your business that will reduce overhead costs and protect your network security. With Romeo Computer Company’s expert technicians our cloud services are implemented with care for your network security and always with one goal in mind: making your business faster, more cost-effective, and more protected from data loss. In the coming weeks, you can look forward to more information regarding our brand new cloud solutions and the new ways we can help your company stay on the forefront of modern evolutions in IT services. If you would like to inquire about these new services, make sure to call us at (586) 894-4130 or fill out an easy contact form at the top of the page.

8/1/2013 - Quoting is Easy with Our System
Have you experimented with our quote system yet? A lot of companies like us have convoluted and confusing forms for that kind of thing, but not us. Each of our three main sections has its own section for a quote, so all you have to do is go there and describe what you want. These are the Web Design, eMarketing, and the IT and Managed Services Provider sections. We keep the entire process open and flexible so you can describe your needs in the way that suits you and lets us figure out what exactly you want without having to decrypt various forms. This lets us get to helping you faster and more efficiently, and in turn, gets you closer to a more efficient and better business. So go to whichever section you would like and check them out today!

8/1/2013 - What are the Best SEO Techniques of 2013?
-Great user friendly content Maybe the most significant SEO tip you can get from a consultant is writing user-friendly content. The information you provide must be optimized for Google and must be able to catch the attention of readers. Search engine optimization is not an easy job, recently Google launched Penguin and Panda updates that gave spammers a lot to think about. Following this further, content writers who did not provide quality content in the first place can face serious site ranking damage. Creating valuable content is the number 1 SEO tip with the highest priority. -Keyword research The second Seo tip is keyword research. Finding the right keywords is not any less important than quality content writing. Actually, having a good keyword list is the base to start writing good content. But this SEO tip requires some intelligent marketing research. Not only do your keywords have to be relevant to your site’s content, you also need to find the keywords that will bring value to your site in terms of page views & ranking. Even if people find your site through a certain keyword, you need to know will they be satisfied with what they found. That’s why keyword research is considered one of the biggest SEO secrets everyone is trying to reveal. -Submit a Sitemap Another SEO tip you might want to use is submitting a sitemap to Google. It isn’t totally necessary to use this in order to get better rankings, but providing a sitemap helps Google index the structure of your site more easily. Therefore, indexing your site faster which will lead to faster rankings. -Site Speed In 2010, Google announced that site speed will be included as one of many criteria on which ranking will be conducted. Site speed is not that relevant. However, it can make trouble for web sites that did not pay much attention to improving site speed over the years.

4/16/2013 - What Service Do You Need?
Romeo Computer Company offers a wealth of services that can all potentially benefit your business in some way or another. Of course, under ideal circumstances, we would just handle everything from IT to eMarketing for you, but, realistically, how do you determine what service(s) are best for you? The first step is to determine what your company is already adequate at. If you already have IT the need for that drops a lot. Granted, a second set of eyes is always helpful, but in this case you may need the other stuff a little bit more. After this, it's just a matter of ascertaining where your company's needs lie. If you want to increase or maintain a presence in the online community, eMarketing is the way to go. MSP is an obvious choice for any business that relies on computers. And if you're just starting in the whole online thing, get some Web Design done and then ascertain your needs again after that. Obviously these are very general outlines, but it's a good place to start. For more information, you should read the individual pages linked at the top of the page!

12/20/2012 - 5 Things You Should Know About SEO in 2013
At Romeo Computer Company, we keep up to speed on all of the new SEO and online marketing trends. We want to keep our strategies fresh and innovative so our clients are given the best opportunity to succeed in their marketing endeavors. Below are 5 search engine optimization strategies that will be prevalent for your business in the new year. 1) Content is still the most important organic element on your website. Keep it fresh. Keep it current. Keep it informative. Commit yourself to having quality content. 2) According to SEO surveys, 95 percent of users click on organic results rather than PPC. This goes to show how important organic (keyword) optimize is to your business website. 3) Think about building a secondary mobile site. Smartphones are everywhere and if people can’t view your site properly on their phone, they may bounce off right away. 4) Keep up with social marketing. The relevance and effectiveness of programs like Facebkok, Twitter and Pinterest are growing every year. You may also want to think about starting a Google+ account. That is rumored to be “all the rage” in 2013. 5) Be Vocal! Voice searches are now becoming popular in SEO for Apple users. It’s called Apple’s virtual assistant – nicknamed Siri. Remember to optimize your keywords to target vocal keywords and written keywords. People don’t speak the same way they write. The most important thing to remember is to keep your site current and relevant. Have a site with a purpose. Good luck with your business ventures in New Year!!!

9/25/2012 - Laptop Care From Romeo Computer Company
Laptops are becoming an essential item in almost every household. Parents use them to pay bills and check emails, while kids use them for papers, research and for socializing with friends. Because they are portable, however, laptops oftentimes require more care than your typical desktop. Here are 5 tips for taking care of and prolonging the life of your laptop computer. 1) Always have clean hands when using a laptop 2) Hold the computer by the base, not the screen 3) Don't sit anything heavy on top of your laptop (books) 4) Don't leave your laptop in the car - hot and cold affect the computer performance 5) Don't use your laptop on your bed - this can cause it overheat if the fan cannot circulate properly and last but not least.... Keep all food and drink away from your computer!

8/17/2012 - $39 PC Cleanups Before Labor Day - Get Your Coupon Now
Romeo Computer Company is offering a great deal - get a PC cleanup for only $39 for a limited time. Drop off only. We will get your computer up to date and up to speed.

7/26/2012 - Facebook Announces New Marketing Tools on Monday 7/23/12
Facebook announced on Monday that they have been working on some changes around the office. Facebook will now be offering an option called "Scheduled Page Posts" - so as an internet marketing company, RCC can schedule all of the posts that go out. This way, less time will be dedicated to keeping track of posts, and more time can be dedicated to creating quality content that Facebook browsers will react to. By utilizing Facebook's new tools and third party apps correctly, your business leads will far surpass the competition.

7/17/2012 - Online Shopping In Booming. Is Your Business Growing With The Times?
Did you know that in the year 2011, Amazon sold 48 billion dollars worth of revenue. Statistics have shown that if their sales continue to grow, Amazon will surpass Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, by 2023. This means that if you're not up to speed on your internet marketing and eCommerce, you may be left in the dust. Get a jump start on your internet sales by joining the SEO race today.

6/29/2012 - Some SEO Tips From The Pros
Facebook is becoming an integral part of social marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). Most businesses use Facebook to build a fan community or post photos. This is helpful in some ways, but how are you reaching out and finding new “fans” or “likes”? Many businesses have not heard about the new perks and benefits that Facebook has to offer. The e-marketing department at Romeo Computer Company is always keeping current with the latest trends and SEO strategies. Call us today (586) 752-7562 to find out more about successfully promoting your business on Facebook.

2/29/2012 - DON'T let your network manage you!
We will remotely monitor your network 24/7/365 to detect, diagnose, and prevent lurking problems from turning into major interruptions to your business in the form of downtime, security breaches, or other failures. We’ll design the right mix of on-site, remote, network, and help desk support to fit your specific situation and needs.

2/29/2012 - Romeo Computer Company's new website initiative.
Romeo Computer Company launched it's new website. See What we've been up too..

3/8/2011 - WHY MSP?
We take a proactive approach to monitoring your website. Website failure and downtime can be costly. Your business loses revenue and the failure can lead to other costly problems. We sniff out potential issues BEFORE they cause you headaches and worry and resolve them so your website runs smoothly. Let’s face it, if you wait until there’s a problem or for something to “break”, you’ve already lost money. Let’s increase the overall health of your network so that the uptime of your site and network is increased.

2/15/2011 - Spring is around the Corner
With our eMarketing program, we will push more people to your website and in turn get you more business. Remember More People = More Business. Check it out!
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2/15/2011 - WE ARE ON FACEBOOK
Check out Romeo Computer Company on Facebook. Take a look and make sure to "like" us
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12/20/2010 - Expand Your Business.... Generate Leads with Our Lead Generation Sites!
Discover how you can create more traffic and more sales on your website using our proprietary techniques found no where else.

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